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Vivific hardware - broken, retired or old

Is your physical storage continues to squeeze your available space designed for more important and valuable assets?

Lets rejuvenate the retired or old machines.

Do you have computer servers and workstations, and network equipment that are sitting duck, idle and doing nothing; taken out of production due to operating problems; have become useless to your current setting; reached its end-of-life or support; those with unrenewed warranties, licenses and support and they have been set aside from the operation?

They may still have utility and be made useful and operational to others, either for the startups, SMEs, tec-voc schools, non-profit organizations, communities or computer programmers. That way, they don't have to buy a new set of expensive equipment just to help them enable their production, innovate their business processes, help make significant impact to their stakeholders or advance their entire efforts.

We can help transform them via vivification and get them back to service and facilitate something practical for your beneficiary, which you can choose. If and only if, such equipment are still capable of repair or getting them to the productive state.

However, on the physical side, even if they are totally dead, some research and education institutions, especially hard to find servers and those equipment that are very expensive, may still find them practically useful for most of their computer laboratory exercises.

If they are beyond repair, and there will be no takers of the physical outfit, we can help you turn them to a strictly environment friendly disposal program. No guilty feeling and you are helping our environment to gradually return to its most and continuous livable state. Let's do our part now, and we can hope for a better Earth for the next-generations to live on.

Scared of data leak? We will show you how this can be prevented, 100% nobody would be able to access them, during the vivification process. 
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