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IT spending questions

When plans and budgets are just the start and the following questions finishes it all which makes fulfilling an investment to be forthcoming and overall delivery a success. Considering that budget has been allocated for a particular program or for fiscal schedules, these questions can be more potent if they are use for new technology acquisitions in which spending is just a portion of it.

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What can we achieve with it?

How will we do it?

What capability do we have or need to do it?

If we can do it how long?

If we cannot do it how long can they (vendor or service provider or technical consultant)?

If we do it with any of the 3rd-party mentioned above, how are we going to do it the best way we can and take a lot of value from engaging their services?

What do we need during that time?

What are the technical functions, considering the way we will be doing it, that will be involved?

What are the business and management functions that will be involved?

What technical and business tasks or processes are going to be addressed?

How are we going to ascertain that business and stakeholders' if not staff tasks are going to be applicable with technical functions including but not limited to the business software features?

Will it result for the company to do a lot more?

How have we dealt ourselves, if any, with similar instances in the past?

What was the problem the solution have resolved in the aspect of technology and to the business?

How did we resolve to have our own problem be addressed instead?

Why did everyone affected like and didn't like what happened?

Could we measure the cost and benefit of the acquisition and implementation process?

What are the management, both technical and business terms, issues we continue to grapple with the said solution?

Was there any way we could have done it with faster, effective, efficient result?

Was there anything else we didn't share with the organization and the teams involved?

How was our customer experience with our present system?

How is our customer experience going to be with the future system?

How did we sustain our current system on our own?

How are we going to sustain the new system on our own?

How are we as an organization going to be efficient differently from the past?

How are we as an organization going to be performing better than now?

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