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Sorbefacient tutorial with business, some areas of finance, taxes and environmental administration and our very own technical education, DOIT & Tek-12, utilizing one of 𝖎𝖈𝖑𝖆𝖘𝖘𝖊𝖉 methods (structures, contents and facilities), and you will find more what makes us your most preferred and absolute partner both in business and technology. Bosses, educators and learners alike would be able to take in and attune to the lessons and materials in a much more effective manner, with the ability to do it as fast as possibly one have to as a choice. Most businessmen needs value being realized fast, not days or weeks in a training. For businessmen, who's just starting or presently depending on their employees much of critical decisions, which they should be doing on their own, if not always on top of situations. Participants will have quick facility and return of investment with our tutorial. Unlike some educational initiatives that leaves one saying it's not enough despite the feeling of information overload. Here we always find what makes things different, in the case of our tutorial, participants can be expected to be truly productive or be better at what their company and role needs them to do after attending. Vapid experience is a thing of the past. The outcome of this tutorial is to be cost-efficient and sustainable everytime a participant's organization has to take up technology with the primary objective to further enable, innovate and facilitate business operations. Think of technology as your capability to achieve your ultimate goal, integrant to your business strategy, and that is more than the machines, robots, software and automation that we use to primarily deliver on our daily production.

Learn any of the subject we have at Defensive & Offensive Information Technology (DOIT) and Tek-12, inbuilt confidence, sustainable know-how, or your preferred technical areas, whether it is directly relevant to the business as a whole or some specific practice of profession or job assignment including human resource, administration, finance, logistics, risk management etcetera, either that surrounds office or industrial workplace, in which these would be readily applicable for a rewarding endeavor and with immediate impact.

How about kickoff a technical-vocational livelihood education (tec-voc led)? Of course, this is what would be tech entrepreneurs, including never before as favorable a condition for high school graduates, as well as enthusiasts must look for if they are to aim, if not be, productively sustainable in their initiative while making sure their customers, or entire stakeholders, are satisfied with their work. Entrepreneurial approach, which enables you to develop effective strategy (working on practical facility beyond a single specialism) how things (technology and the surroundings where it is being applied) are attended to and done is way better than industry/professional/worker's approach (if the new guy can see better than those who has been around in their organization for years, then that's telling something), a very specialized and created limited business-technical value, if there is anything that can be set at all but definitely not intrinsic, to organizations and stakeholders (see next two paragraphs for a little more rationale). Just like the chef have only the best food cooking technique, deliciously serve for diners. In technology, just long lasting excellent experience, regardless of setting i.e small or multinational companies. 

Are you having second thoughts on the solutions being provided by your vendors because your expectations are not formed well or simply not being assured that there will be no problem at all? You can learn even that here to be a better judge of your own business requirements.

This sorbefacient tutorial is not only meant to address technology as it is designed and utilized for every entity's business and activity regardless of their situation. It is also paramount that technology practitioners knows how to prevent mistakes, failures, unscheduled/uncoordinated events from happening within technology's operating and production lifetime. But then it doesn't mean we're finished with our responsibility when technology has reach end of lifetime. Rather technology architecture and business strategy has assured that there is a continuing qualified process that is practically free from arbitrary decision-making and choices.   

Remember we are in business as well. Everyday we are often presented with opportunity (these are mostly problems that clients wants us to resolved once and for all and we always did), not only technology as you have seen it as our core, but we also have responsibility to help clients where they are having a hard time to appreciate how significant business-related roles are in the overall well-being of their organizations and their stakeholders as a whole. We have helped businessmen leading their employees to work better with concrete ideas and definitive information in front of them while achieving their business objectives. In business, they say there are rewards and risks. Here, we say, rewards are better to have, when the impact of risks can be understood, completely mitigated, properly confronted on time and that we have to know why and how they are there after all. Not doing this is making the competition gain more while regulation is sure to level penalties and that means draining cash. Business continuously going down not up is what businessmen must be wary of, and must act to do it for the better.

When we are dealing with technology, and we have both business and technical experts to make sure technology is properly dealt with, the ability to understand business fundamentals, or deeper business insights and goals, their impact across the board, would make a difference. With this knowledge, we become strategic in our actions, and can even discern and assimilate current and even future business concerns. We prevent problems to seep through consciousness which affects initiatives and performance, with people and the enterprise.

Technology, or whatever jobs would require it in the first place, would be easy, and would never be in the way with satisfactory, and without disruption of, business operation including stakeholders' production.

A true leader who knows that its company's resources, especially when they are grounded on strict economic principles and without wastes, the caliber of 𝖎𝖈𝖑𝖆𝖘𝖘𝖊𝖉, however, is needed to make things with certainty a real deal (read and

Our tutorial ascertain learning that is suitable to the learner, its present knowledge in particular to the broader idea of its subject and relevant application. We don't assume and provide learning by simply giving our learner what we know is working for us, the tutor or teacher. This method is the norm everywhere. This is not effective, especially those who haven't seen things how they work or heard what should be expected in the application of technology in the real world. The result of our method is that we have total realization of technology, which makes up both service and product, while others focuses their training on every product, which is usually expensive to a resource's schedule and customer's engagement, and would have to go through the same process again when they encounter new ones or have new product to handle and manage. 

We want to maximize life's virtues and values and this education initiative which has been designed and developed, by those who has done work themselves with depths of exposures in various industries, who, on their own discoveries and ways, has established and increase human civilities and relations around them, and who has seized what's appropriately and greatly applicable beyond, if not better than the usual prescripts of industry and academe. This accumulation of experience and know-how created a material that is facilitative, definitive, effective and viable for any learner. It is distinctive to the suitability of the learner's appeal and to be guided throughout until it could attune to the more exhaustive, and the quickest path and variance needed for the assimilation of, learning and instructions regardless of the ways that are employed.

This can be proven with or without a teacher present during the tutorial session with the materials alone provided to the learner. 

Did you know that what makes us different, or unable to comprehend others' ideas and actions or being excessive in prejudices and favoritism, is simply a limitation in our learning processes?

This is a predicament in which it is present to anyone regardless of educational attainment. It is reflective in our learners and teachers wringed propensities. In workplaces, this is easily noticed but not without some restraint from obligation, and exploited brilliance turned swashbuckler in our person.

Any sincere development and progress made and created within these entities is evident to the output of organization's production, and benefits are directly picked up by the people and their community.

In Classic Drucker 2006 Harvard Business Review book, a compilation of his articles published there, Peter Drucker said, continuous learning must accompany productivity gains. Redesigning a job and then teaching the worker the new way to do it (citing Taylor's work) cannot by itself sustain ongoing learning. Training is only the beginning of learning. The greatest benefit of training comes not from learning something new but from doing better what we already do well (thanking Japanese ancient tradition of Zen)

IT's not what we must know, IT's how we must know. We must move forward and continue to innovate on and with IT better than the current norm. IT's the fundamental volition behind all ambitious' ventures including that of our living conditions. IT must ennoble humans of realities.

Where will I be after tutorial? Isn't it a charm to fulfill and reach the summit-level of confidence (without forging the overweening tendency, watch out for this always) when presented with opportunity to carry out solutions for our businesses? That's where we will be in our IT know-how. It has been achieved before and more of us will be able to do the same. We can do our share, that in our lifetime, we will be able to make IT for everyone a verity. Yes, we mean everyone because it's going to help us do our business better. We call that our technical franchise (and we have more for this including the ability to learn how not to fail in every responsibility and how to effectively manage stakeholders responsibilities that we've been designated to do, independently and collectively, and the many whys if you'd ask, not yet posted here and there).

The future is brighter if everyone got the fundamentals properly and that its impact on reality is straightforward. With 𝖎𝖈𝖑𝖆𝖘𝖘𝖊𝖉 learning absorption and actual application are guaranteed.

As long as this text is live on our website, tutorial seat can be
reserved. We will be there and can be contacted here as usual, anytime. This is for every entity including businesses, C-level (a solution for MSME, MNC, academe, bureaucracies and those who cherishes benefits and marketable skills, based on leadoff instructions, built on individuals, that both discovers and eliminates unwanted costs in human resource endeavors), practitioners and the wannabes. Open to group with five (5) participants, max, should be from within the same organization. Tutorial starts in two weeks upon confirmation of reservation.

We are the leading no-nonsense practitioners for designing and achieving definitive success across systems respective of application domains!
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