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Questions introduction

We will be updating these helpful and practical questions and share more, while some are applicable to various technology processes to include budgeting, general design and build-specifications-efforts, implementation or integration, management, security, privacy, data and staffing which is very crucial in any investment initiative. We will have to be more precise how we throw questions properly for a specific area.

We call them the Q's cue, at present we now have the following (feel free to reach out if you have something else you'd like to see):

Technology spending,
Data privacy,
Lead talent acquisition,
Warranty and support,
100% customer satisfaction.
Reporting, response, resolution, retention and restitution. 
Digital transformation.

We have more but we have to check them to make sure they are meant for their purpose here, as in it will have applicability, not of specific entity but in a general sense of the subject's questions. And remember, we try to not repeat or recreate a question that might have already been answered with an existing question somewhere in any of the said subjects.

These questions were used in our more than two decades of IT practice and we are expanding these to have effective application regardless of technology that's involved. They were superior in everything we do and how we handled our work considering we were dealing with different organizations from time to time. They still are our basis at present day despite the many best practices that are available out there.

We hope that you will find them useful especially if you continuously are running, or trying to operate, a streamlined and agile teams of business and IT, if not the whole of technological portfolio, for just about such a particular purpose covering an enterprise-wide initiative.

Of course, if you need somebody who can help you answer them with elaboration, honesty and as near perfection as they need to be, we @
𝖎𝖈𝖑𝖆𝖘𝖘𝖊𝖉 are always prepared to do it for you. 

Good luck and enjoy.

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